Policies and Procedures

*Policies relating to benefits, are on the benefits section of the website.

ADA Procedure

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Procedure

At Will Procedure

Caring for Children Non Working Hours Procedure

Confidentiality Procedure

Conflict of Interest Procedure

COVID Reopening Procedure

COVID Temporary EFMLA Procedure

COVID Temporary Paid Leave Procedure

COVID Vacation/Travel Procedure

Document Retention/Destruction Procedure

Dress Code Procedure

Drug/Alcohol Procedure

Emergency Closing Procedure

Employee Classification Procedure


Ethical/Professional Conduct Procedure

Grievance Procedure

Harassment Procedure

Hiring/Promotion/Transfer Procedure

Holiday Procedure

Information Technology Procedure

Jury Duty Procedure

Lactation Friendly Workplace Procedure

Mediation Procedure

Military Service Procedure

Nepotism Procedure

New and Revised Policies Procedure

Personal Device Procedure

Personnel Files Procedure

Pregnancy Act Procedure

Professional Development Procedure

Progressive Discipline (AWOL) Procedure

Progressive Discipline (P&C) Procedure

Reduction in Staff Procedure

Safe Driver Procedure

Safety Procedure

Salaries Procedure

Social Media Procedure

Termination of Employment Procedure

Tobacco Free Procedure

Travel Procedure

Travel Stipend Procedure

Whistle Blower Procedure

Work Sites with Remote Supervision Procedure

Work Week Procedure

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Confidentiality Agreement

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Return to Work Form

Return to Work Form *SAC & RVCARES

Travel Registration

Travel Registration *SAC & RVCARES

Wavier for Unpaid Leave *SAC & RVCARES ONLY

RCD                RCD-I            RCD-II

NAEYC Code of Conduct

Harassment Claim Form

Internal Job Application

I/T Responsibility and Use Agreement

Mediation Request Form


Personal Device for Work Form

Pregnancy Leave Request Form

Safe Driver Rubric

Safe Driver Self Report Form

 Salary Increment Planning Form

Metropolitan Areas

Overnight Travel Checklist

Work Sites with Remote Supervision Tool

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