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School Age Connections

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Mission Statement: 
“To provide families with high quality care for their school aged children through positive adult interactions, engaging activities, and new experiences.”


The School Age Connections Program is designed to keep children engaged physically and intellectually.  We identify and address their specific needs and interests and enrich their minds and bodies individually, as well as collectively.  Students are encouraged to participate in group activities to foster social skills, but are also supported in self-choosing activities that cultivate independence and intrinsically-motivated learning.

We believe the purpose of school age care is two-fold:

  • Children should be cared for in a safe, nurturing environment that parents can trust when children and parents are apart.

  • Children should be involved in a developmentally appropriate program, which fully promotes each child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual skills.

We strive for an atmosphere that respects the individual differences of children and their parents, and yet appreciates the similarity in all of us.  Additionally, we set high standards for our program as an example in our community of the quality childcare services that all children deserve.

After School:

  • What will my child do in afterschool?
    We have flexible schedules in afterschool to meet the individual needs of each program.  Each program has time for outdoor play (weather permitting), enrichment activities, snack, homework/quiet time, and free play activities.


  • Where:
    Explorer Academy

       Coming to Nichols Elementary Fall 2020! 

  • Hours:
    Afterschool staff are on site Monday-Friday, from the time school dismisses until 6:00pm.

  • We are also open to accommodate Cabell County's 2 hour early release.


  • Prices:
    Afterschool tuition is paid monthly, and depends on how many days per week you need care.

    • Full time (5 days/week) = $175/month

    • 4 days/week = $141/month

    • 3 days/week = $117/month

    • 2 days/week = $80/month

    • Drop-in daily rate = $12/day (For families who do not wish to contract a set number of days, but need to use the program occasionally)

    • We also accept Link Childcare Subsidy.

  • Enrolling:
    To enroll in an afterschool program, your child MUST attend one of the schools where we are housed.  Enrollment instructions and forms can be found here, or you can contact Kenzie Phelps, Site Supervisor, at (304)710.8013 or via email mphelps@rvcds.org

All Day Release:

  • What is all day release?
  • All Day Release (ADR) is a component of the School Age Connections program that provides all day care for school aged children, when school isn’t in session (Christmas break, Spring break, some holidays, OSE days, and snow days.)

  • What will my child do all day?
    We offer various enrichment activities such as arts & crafts, science experiments, cooking, technology enrichments, organized games, outdoor time (weather permitting), quiet time for reading, free play time, guest speakers, field trips, and more!


  • What about food? Will I need to pack lunch or snack?
    Nope! We’ve got you covered with a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack meeting the USDA and Child and Adult Care Food Program nutrition standards.


  • Where:
    2021 West Fifth Avenue Huntington, WV 25704


  • Hours:
    7:30am-5:30pm (subject to change)


  • Prices:
    The ADR program charges a daily rate, depending on your enrollment status.

  • If you are already enrolled in one of our afterschool programs and the ADR day occurs on a day that you have already contracted for, the fee is $12.00.

  • If you are already enrolled in one of our afterschool programs and the ADR day occurs on a day you are not contracted for, the fee is $20.00.

  • If you are not enrolled in any of our afterschool programs, the fee for ADR days is also $20.00.

  • How do I get signed up?
    The ADR program is open to ALL children ages 4-12 who are enrolled in PK-5th grade.
    If you are already enrolled in one of our afterschool programs, you will need to fill out the All Day Release Enrollment form and pay a $10 supply fee. 

    If you are new to the program, you will need to complete a full enrollment packet and pay a $15 enrollment fee and a $10 supply fee.

    Enrollment instructions and forms can be found here, or you can contact Kenzie Phelps, at (304) 710.8013 or via email mphelps@rvcds.org



Tuition / Make a Payment

You may pay your tuition for School Age Connections through our secure authorize.net account by clicking the button below.


Be sure to fill in all required fields so that your payment can be properly credited to your account.

If you are paying tuition for the first month of your enrollment, please remember to also include enrollment fees & supply fees.

Monthly tuition payments are due each month by the 15th to avoid a $10 late fee (per child.)

This payment service is linked to River Valley at our main office, so your current balance information will not be available at any other location. If you have any questions regarding the amount of your balance, please contact, Tonya Patterson, at (304) 528--3425 or tpatterson@rvcds.org.

Regular Monthly tuition rates:

$175 – full time

$141 – 4 days/week

$117 – 3 days/week

$80 – 2 days/week

$12 – pay-as-you-go daily rate

Thank you for allowing us to care for your child(ren)!

Site Supervisor
Kenzie Phelps
611 7th Avenue Huntington, WV 25701
Phone: (304) 710.8013

 “Thanks for being so understanding and completely flexible with us. You are managing an amazing childcare facility and Alivia really enjoys it.” 

~ Kendra


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